Benefits of Contact Lenses

Today almost all visual eyesight problems can be corrected with contact lenses. Despite advances in spectacle technology and the advent of surgical techniques such as laser refractive surgery, contact lenses provide many advantages and are a very successful form of vision correction. Our independent status allows us to deal with all the major contact lens companies. This means we can fit and supply you with the most appropriate lens for your eye health, comfort, vision and lifestyle requirements. Whether it be for occasional use for sport or long term sight correction we can offer up to date advice and the latest products. We are very experienced at helping first time contact lens wearers and provide thorough aftercare once established.

Children and Contact Lenses

With parental support there is no reason why children cannot gain the benefit of contact lens wear.  Many sports, such as football and rugby, do not allow the use of spectacles at competitive levels. Other sports involve physical activity where spectacles can be inconvenient or limiting. If you would like to arrange a trial or discuss the options please contact us, as we feel it is important that parents are fully involved.


  • My new contact lenses are amazing! It has been brilliant for my ballet dancing as I was unable to wear my glasses. It has been a complete life change. I have got my freedom back again.
    Olivia, aged 13
Learning to handle contact lenses

Learning to insert and remove contact lenses is not difficult, but it does require good instruction and plenty of practice. We will teach you all you need to know to feel confident in handling your lenses. Below are some helpful instructional videos.

How to insert lenses
How to remove lenses
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